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Exclamation B Complex Dosage for Thiamin Defficient Cat

Hi there!
My ten year old kitty, the love of my life, has come down with a very severe thiamine defficiency. He, very suddenly, started to experience siezures, ataxia, blindness, heart aerythmia, hind paralysis, etc. I got him to the vet immediately, and with the first vitamin b injection there was marked improvement! I am now treating him with an oral b complex supplement (for humans). My question is, what is the appropriate dosage for my (4.5 kg) kitty in this situation? I can't seem to get a straight answer on how much is safe. I know that they are water soluble, but I read about blood pressure and heart related concerns due to an overdose of some of the b vitamins. I've been advised to give 250mg (thiamine) per day by one source, and 5mg (thiamine) every second day by another....information about this is all over the board!!
Thank you very much for any responses!

**Update: I have just returned from a recheck by my (wonderful, incredible) vet. She believes that he may be suffering from hypertension instead of thiamine deficiency. I am absolutely positive that it is the thiamine def., but she explained that while action against hypertension wouldn't do any harm, innaction would be positively devastating (just in case we're wrong...!) So, she prescribed FORTEKOR, @ 5mg per pill, one half pill per day. I have never heard of this medication (not surprising, since I rarely ever have to deal with allopathic medication >.<) and was wondering if anyone new about potential side effects. I researched it a bit online, but there wasn't much about it and hypertension...mostly debate about it and CRF kitties. Does anyone know if it will harm him to give him the FORTEKOR if he does not have hypertension? Could that result in hyPOtension??? Eek! My vet assured me it was safe, but just to be sure (as I'm skeptical when it comes to medicating the love of my life!!) I wanted to ask. Thanks guys, and all my love to anyone who's going through a rough time with their pets right now!!


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