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When Norton AntiVirus isn't enough?

I hope someone can help, because the professionals aren't doing much.

Something is going on with at least one of our computers at work. Management is clueless and we don't have our own tech support on staff.

Things were kind of weird for awhile, but I thought that the computer was just slow. Then MSN (for those boring days when you don't want to be at work) started acting up -- 100 windows or so would pop up at once! Then finally Norton AntiVirus kicked in and found 2 trojans. I quarantined and deleted the files. Beyond that I don't know what else to do. I've done 2 full system scans since then (Norton IS up-to-date) that haven't shown anything, but we get the odd message from Norton that it's found more trojans. I do the same thing -- quarantine and doesn't seem to be an option for some reason.

I got in a Symantec chat room with a tech. He told me that we could go into the registry and get rid of these files, which sound like spyware. Great, but we're on a network here, and I don't know that allowing Symantec remote access would be a good idea. We need the system up pretty much 24/7 also.

Then I called a toll free help line that we have for one system that we use. The guy was more helpful than I thought he'd be. He agreed that it was probably spyware, went in, deleted some stuff, changed some internet options...basically cleaned up overall, but didn't find any actual problems. He told me that he thought we would be okay. Minutes after getting off the phone with him I had the usual pornographic pop-ups and error messages that don't make any sense. Norton has also found another trojan!

So now what? None of us are very computer-literate here. Should we attempt something ourselves or hire someone in? I've had viruses and such at home, but Norton has always fixed everything up fine.
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