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Blocked Tear Ducts

After trying a few different veterinarians and giving up for a few years, I tried another vet clinic today. Turns out, my cat has blocked tear ducts. They put a few drops of a yellow dye in one of her eyes, turned out the lights and checked her nose to see if it drained. It did not, which led them to believe it was blocked tear ducts. I have been told by a few vets it was herpes, and it is not considering it never gets better or worse, it's always the same. It is common in cats that have flat noses like Persians since the ducts are pushed and compacted more than other cats. The vet could flush the tear ducts, however, they felt there was no point to use anaesthesia just for that. They also suggested to see a specialist in a bigger city if I wanted which will cost $2000-$4000 in an attempt to fix it. I will continue to just wipe her eyes and keep them clean. So, hopefully this will help others that have the same issues with their cat.
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