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Thanks for your quick reply. We currently have both our cats on dry food. My older cat has been on Cat Chow for 7 years now with no health issues. I currently feed them canned as an occasional treat. It usually doesn't agree with them too well. In light of her recent problems I will try them on some canned food for awhile. Can you recommend a decent not to pricy brand? The older cat is quite picky and won't eat canned food that has chunks.. only pate. As for my cheapness on brands, it's also about what I can afford. Our oldest dog is currently very sick and on a special prescription diet for his bowel problems. He is 13 (Deacon). He is being considered for surgery. Bringing him to a specialist on Saturday. Our animals are all rescues. We do our best on our budget... The extra vet bills for CeeCee have come at a bad time. I am doing my best to get her back to health. Any good supplements that may help her that you know of? I heard cranberry juice and vitamin C. Problem is the older cat seems to hog the cranberry water.. lol. I will see if I can get a copy of the urinalysis. Thanks for the advice.

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