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Originally Posted by maneater View Post
Today at work a lady that does behavourial training came in and said she should see a vet first. She might have a brain disease. Or something else going on. My husband called me today at work saying that he let the lab out of the kennel and she won't eat or drink today she is just sleeping under my desk and she threw up foam. Why does tomorrow have to be a holiday. I live on a border town and some of the vets here won't see animals that have been to an american vet. Even if i have all her papers saying her shots are up to date ect. My luck one of them vets are on call this weekend. UGH. And my american vet is away and I can't for the life of me get ahold of the replacement vet. I have never ever been this upset and this confused as to what to do in my life. My chihuahua weighed 3 pounds. My lab could of easily bit her hard enough to break skin. But she didn't she just shook her. there were no puncture wounds, no bites. I have never ever seen anything like that myself my husband and my friend can't get over what happened. Never saw anything coming we didn't even realize that the lab had the chi. It took a min to register. I am sorry for rambling but I dont' have the slightest idea what could of went through her mind in that moment. She has been around children, and small dogs her whole life. SHe doesn't hunt or attack squirls ect. Once when my sons hamster got loose she sat infront of it and whined until we put it back in the cage. I just hope all your expertise can offer some insite until i can get some tests done on her. We have her in a room by herself (not locked up in the kennel) until she can be seen by a vet. My husband and I don't want to put her down but at the same time if she is sick or if she is going to start being agressive then I won't have a choice. I keep thinking. Maybe when I went to get up I startled her. Maybe If i just stayed sitting this wouldn't of happened. Maybe If I didn't decide to have fire and stayed in and watch movies I would still have my dog.
This is so sad. It sound like your chihuahua neck was broken . I was thinking your lab may have a brain tumor or something like EEE . What are the symptom of EEE in dogs? I hope you can get some tests done on your lab to see what is wrong with her. I sorry to hear about your chihuahua dying. when my standard poodle had cancer in his kidney he started to act
difference and start growling at me. He never did this before . He came looking for me and starting growling at me .He did this two times and I knew the cancer was making him really sick and I could not risk him going after my grandchild so had to put my hearing dog down.
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