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In Search of MTL Cat/Dog groomers

I am looking for excellent, EXCELLENT cat and/or dog groomers.

for the cat:

I took my cat to a cat groomer to get shaved in LAVAL off St.Martin and had a bad experience. She was a holistic groomer who told me my cat was very sick because he had little red bumbs under his chin and white around his anus. She freaked me out and I told her I would take my cat to the vet asap and she got very angry with me and said this word for word:

"What for? I just told you what's wrong with it. The vet can't help you." And then pushed me to purchase her holistic food. I refused and told her I'd rather see what my vet recommends first before I change anything.
She got more angry and shoved a bunch of pamphlets in my hand and said: "That's ok. It's not your fault. You're obviously ignorant on the subject and need to make a more informed decision." She was very mad. VERY.

I took my cat to the vet and had him check out. After $40.00 and an armful of cat scratches, he got a clean bill of health.

So now he needs a new shave and a normal groomer.

For the dog:
My dog is not a big fan of strangers. He needs a dog groomer who's going to treat him like the prince he really is. His nails are super long and it takes 3 people, a muzzle, a chain and an electric filer from the hardware store for them to get trimmed at his current groomers. Although, I'm not unhappy with my current groomer, if anyone thinks someone can do a better job, I'd be interested in looking into an alternative method.
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