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Strangest rash I have ever seen...

I have attached a photo of my dogs stomach rash that we just noticed for the first time this evening. At first we thought he just had dirt on his stomach when we noticed this. He had no problem allowing us to clean it up, i was wiping at the rough patches and it did not bother him in the slightest, it actually tickled him now that i think about it. We didn't even have to hold him down, which we normally have to do for things like nail trimming, but I have never seen anything like this before. It looks like what our vet calls "happy tail" (scabs and hair loss on his tail from hitting things while wagging) that our yellow lab has had for about two years, but it is on is stomach. Kind of scaly, a little peeling on the perimeter, no smell or puss, he does not lick or scratch it to our knowledge.

He is a senior at about 10 years old, yellow lab, inside dog (hates outside), and we live in Las Vegas, NV so it is very dry most of the time. We have not changed his food and he is eating and drinking normally, and on no medications. The location of the affected area is where his tummy chub comes together, can dogs get chub rub? Have you ever seen anything like this?
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