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Puppy wont eat,just drinks,vomits everything back up

My daughters birthdays are 2 days apart,9/30 & 10/2. I was strapped for cash & picked up a free puppy from a home in my neighborhood giving away several others. A week later we found out he had worms,he's been successfully treated after a single failed attempt but has since then gotten in to the garbage 2 days in a row this week. One time we caught him with a pork bone out side where we keep our garbage where maggots were crawling & got it away from him,not sure if he ate any maggots,the other time he managed to devour a chicken bone & large steak fries before we could get to him. The next morning a pile of steak fries was on my floor at 5am. I figured the fries upset him,let him out side for about 4 hours while I slept,he came in & I noticed his nose was dry&hot,I thought I'd got him sick,b.c it was a little cooler outside than days before. All day long he didn't move,layed under my bed,not touching his water or food. I hand fed him a few pieces of dry food & shortly after he ate the food & drank the water,the next morning I wake up to hearing *squirt* pause *squirt* pause,he was peeing on my floor, at 4am & it wasnt exactly the steady flow I'm used to seeing when he goes out side,let him out side & back in again shortly after & went back to sleep,a few hours later he had puked again,under my bed,a pile of dog food & across from it a pile of what looked like foam. All day today he's been real lethargic,does'nt come when called & walks with his tail between his legs. I actually walked outside & found him laying in a pile of his own foamy vomit. I've tried plain white rice,but all he's doing is drinking water & puking it back up. I would have taken him to the vet but I don't have the money,I'm going to take him to the SPCA here tomorrow after my own appointment,but is there anything I myself can do,what could be wrong with him?