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Exclamation Worried about Little Loki

I'm not sure if this is against the rules as I read the rules and didn't see this question listed as an issue,but does anyone know a good Vet in Montreal Quebec who works on a payment plan?? If not does anyone know if the spca offers help with medical affairs?

I think my Cat Loki has tape worms, as it looks like rice when these worms dry up. I read that over the counter medicine is ineffective for tape worms. I'm using food-grade diatomaceous earth at the moment because it killed his fleas that gave him worms, but I'm not so sure diatomaceous earth would be as affective on his tape worms even though I have read it is.

He's only a year and four months old, I really want to see him 100% again. please any help and advice is greatly appreciated,

Thank you for your time,
Eve & Loki
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