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My Vegetarian Recipes

I've been cooking since i was 8 and I've been vegetarian since I was 13 (im 15 now..) so here goes; (yes i made these recipes myself feel free to share please dont claim as your own!! I thought up all this stuff by myself)

I cook on a GAS stove so if this stuff doesnt work right for electric stoves im so sorry!! I personally can't stand them :P I love cooking right on the flame.

VEG CHILLI; [total time:about 15 minutes]
1 Package Morningstar Famrs Veggie crumblers
1/4 cup water
1 Can tomato soup
1 Can Dark Red Kidney Beans
1/4 cup minced onion
Chilli Powder
1 fresh pepper(optional)
1 cup rice

Cook your rice in seperate pan (however you make it everyone seems to make it a differnt way)

Grab a medium sized pan, add water and put on stove. Turn heat to low and add 1/2 bag of veggie crumblers. Add Can of tomato soup and half can of beans. Stir and turn heat to medium. Add minced onion. Sprinkle chilli powder as desired (a few shakes should do). Stir. Add more water if too thick. Chop up a bit of pepper real small and stir in.

It will cook real fast usually will be done within 5 minutes. It should start bubbling around the edges. Once rice is done poor as much as desired over rice and enjoy!!


1 bag Morningstar farms veggie crumblers
1 box hard/soft taco shells
Taco seasoning
1 bag Veggie Shreds Chedder cheese (its WAYY healthier and in my opinion tastes better then regular cheese)

Sour Cream, Tomato, Hot Sauce

Get a medium sized pan, add a bit of water (no more then 1/4 cup) , add as much veggie crumblers as desired (1 bag SHOULD be enough for 3-4 people.. remember the crumblers will SHRINK a bit so add a bit more then you think you want). Sprinkle taco seasoning, stir and put heat on medium. Let defrost. Rince lettuce [dry] and cut up as much as you want. Stir crumblers a few times in between. Chop up as much tomato as you want. Veggie crumblers only take a minute to warm up. Once steaming turn off heat, stir and make tacos. Enjoy!

Do everything the same but slice the lettuce/tomato smaller.

Get Tostitos SCOOPS! Put scoops on a plate.Take a small spoon and add a bit of crumblers to each scoop, top with Lettuce, tomato etc etc. Enjoy!
Makes a great appetizer. My friends love these!

(and if you are feeling lazy you can make nacho style by just putting all the stuff in differnt bowls and using the scoops to scoop stuff out)

1 Bag Morning star farms Chikn Strips
1 Jar Ragu(or whatever brand) Alfredo sauce
HALF box of Alfredo/Fettucinie noodles (sorry forget the spelling)
Vegetable oil

Start by boiling some water to make the noodles. I can't really tell you how long it will take for your water to boil but once it does THEN start on this other stuff. Veg stuff cooks WAY faster then real meat so yeah.

Put Alfredo sauce in small pan and put on LOW.

Get another small pan and add a few(5/6?) peices of the 'Chikn' and add a very small amount of water (about a teaspoon) and a very small amount of vegetable oil(about a capfull) over the chikn. put on LOW and make sure you keep an eye on it so it doesnt burn.

Once your Chikn has gotten softer (but not mushy) turn off the stove and put the chikn on a plate and cut into pieces.

Your alfredo sauce should be warmed up by now. Once it is turn off that burner.

Get a medium sized bowl ready & Check on your alfredo noodles. Make sure they are tender. Drain and put into bowl. Add a spoonfull of alfredo sauce so the noodles dont stick together. Stir well.

Now put the cut up peices of Chikn into the bowl with the noodles.

Grab a bowl/plate, scoop up some noodles with the chikn and pour as much alfredo sauce over top as you want. Enjoyyyy.


To make vegetarian hamburger helper replace ground beaf with Morningstar farms vegie crumblers (1/2 bag to full bag) and add a bit less liqud (ex. if the box says 2 and 1/4 cups water then add ABOUT 1 and 3/4 because veggie crumblers do not abosorb the liqud really..)

Easy Lunches-

Morningstar farms 'bacon'
Mayonase(lets just call it mayo xD i cant spell it for beans)

Wash and dry your lettuce and cut it up
Cut up tomato
Toast some bread
Take out 4 strips bacon, lay flat on play. Microwave for ABOUT 40 seconds, flip over each strip and microwave for 40 seconds more.
Toast should be done. put some may on the toast, break each peice of bacon in half (or 3 pieces whatever), lay on bread. Add lettuce and tomato. Enjoy

1 Morningstar farms chikn patty
Hamburger bun

Wash dry and cut up as much lettuce as you want into THIN slices.
Microwave chikn patty for 40 seconds. flip over nad microwave for 40 seconds more. It should be soft yet tender.. Not mushy or really hard and crunchy. Put on bun and slap some mayo on, add lettuce and enjoy.

*one of my favourite lunches.. it is SO fast and easy to make and tastes really good... even the meat lovers will love this one!

Basically just microwave the patty as stated above & put on bun. add some ketchup. Goes great with fries.

*It helps to wrap veggie buger in paper towl so it doesnt get all mushy*
1 Morningstar farms Veggie Burger Patty
1 bun

+whatever you like you burgers

Microwave burger for 40 seconds, flip over and 40 seconds more. Times might vary. Put on bun and add favorite toppings. Enjoy.

If anyones interested I might add more... I have a few more I can't remember lol.
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