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Originally Posted by diandpat View Post
Phoozles yea for your BF relenting. He has very nice taste in feline attire! My BF will never relent and threatens to call AC if I don't stop dressing them up
I know - he was always against it, so I was shocked last night when he offered me an early christmas present and showed me the outfits (which are actually clothes for a teddy bear) ! He even got little tiny stockings for the kitties! I think he's a keeper!

Originally Posted by chico2
Well,Jake certainly looks grumpy Alley looks like she's enjoying her outfit,so sweet
Actually, Alley hated that outfit That's why I'm holding her - she squiggled like crazy on the floor so I couldn't get a good shot of her. The outfit came with shorts, booties and a hat, but they were too big for her :sad:

Jake was actually just lying there when I put the hat on him and didn't seem to care when I did it. Maybe that's his natural expression.
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