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We feed prey model raw to our Loki. That means no grains, no veggies and no fruits (at least not as a regular source in his diet). I actually think that going raw is EASIER than home cooking because when you start cooking, you lose important nutrients that would normally be present in their raw form.

We buy from a variety of sources - we watch sales at the grocery stores, we have a regular butcher who can provide beef trimmings, and another butcher who has great prices on veal heart, tongue and liver/kidney.

Eggs are a great part to the diet - eggshells and all if your puppers will eat them. Loki refuses to do eggshells.. but he's also a diva.

We make it work. I'm not convinced we are saving that much money by doing raw, but Loki has a much better appetite and I know it's the best diet for him I can't say if you will spend more or less if you go with a raw or home cooked diet (depends on pricing in your area). I can assure you that in the beginning, it will cost more but that's only until you start knowing your prices, finding suppliers, etc. It's intimidating at first, but patience will be your best friend.

Good luck with whatever you decide
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