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Smile Hello!

I just joined this group and hope to find some help. I have 2 Toy Australian Shepherds. One of them, my little girl who is almost 4 years old, has a problem with loose stools. She will have a bowl movement which will be firm, then with minutes have a couple more movements (not as much) but each one gets looser ending with total diarrhea. Usually this happens in the late afternoon into early evening. It may happen 2 to 3 times a day. Over the 4 years we have had her on Biljac, Blue Buffalo, Hills D/D, Fromm's and she is Nature's Blend right now (of course, slowly introduced to the new food each time we changed). We have tried adding pumpkin to help eliminate the problem and also yogurt. We had her checked by the vet for worms, parasites or diseases and other than the loose stools, she is perfectly healthy. Our male has no problems with loose stools and he has changed foods with her each time. If anyone has had a similar experience with their pet and was able to eliminate the problem, we would appreciate hearing what you did!

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