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I actually own a presa x bull mastiff and i agree that they are a mastiff breed not a terrior breed like the pitt bull and have no relation to them whatsoever. I also want to say that my dog does everything with us and is non agressive, very loving to people, doesn't even lift her head off the couch when people come to the door. She behaves well at the dog park, and if an agressive dog attacks her she will lay on the ground until somebody removes their dog. Me and my hubby are not dog trainers, we treat her well and in turn she listens, obeys and is very submissive and loving. I guarenty if it were my dog in the hallway with that lady she would probably just begged for a belly scratch. Any dog due to poor care can turn agressive. I had a doby snap and try to rip my throat out but i do not hold the breed itself accoutable for the action of one.