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I'm not moving from Calgary until I have fewer dogs. My aging inlaws want me to move back to their area of Quebec. But there's a two dog limit for the whole canton and they have a really, really nasty AC guy. He has the right to enter your house and doesn't hesitate to do so.
The way the City sees it, if there are verifyable complaints against your dog(s), you end up in trouble. No complaints, no trouble. And as long as all are licenced and well behaved, they have no problems. I have a friend that has 10 little dogs, all licenced, no complaints and has a great relationship with Animal Services and Bylaw.
Personally, I think hard and fast limits does more harm than good as people wanting to adopt extra dogs from pounds etc, can't. Of course, hoarding is a different kettle of fish, but limits don't seem to prevent those situations.
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