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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
It's still a blanket policy applied to ALL situations without regard to the individual circumstances, so I personally think they are comparable.
So we can agree to disagree then

Calgary seems to make it work.
Yup, Calgary is the front runner for this - agreed. But here in my town, we are miles and miles away from this. I pay a nominal fee to my small town to license my dogs. That doesn't give me a dog park. That doesn't even give me access to a local vet. There are no educational seminars happening in this small town. Where does that money go then? It certainly isn't going to anywhere you listed. Calgary is ahead of the game and all cities/towns should use it as an example - but until they are, where is my money going? I will still license and register my dogs though, because it's the law - but you won't convince me that it's nothing more than a money grab here in this town.
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