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Shelters around here are fantastic and helpful I just don't want to place the burden of a crippled cat on them if I can take care of the situation myself.

Kitten Number One is going to the clinic tomorrow free of charge and they are going to give me some medicine for him. I made friends at the shelter and am helping with their events so they are helping me out by letting me get help for free.

Here's Crippled Kitten:

The others:

He's the only nice one in the litter, such a sweet little kitten. The other ones are kinda feral so we keep grabbing them up and handling them to ensure they don't turn wild. They spit at you but then they calm down.

And as you can see this kitten is related to my cat Buddy. It's Buddy and Jacks mom's litter with the mean ones and cripply dude.

I just think cripply dude needs some time to see if he goes normal or else I will just raise some money for him to get a cart + a home.

By the way, Tripod and Momma cat are both doing fantastic! Momma is back to her same old self, coming in my yard and demanding I feed her Tripods healed too his personality has come out alot more since he's more comfortable with himself.
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