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Kitten problems! *Important*

I'm working on doing TNR and fixing all the mommys outback as you know. I've gotten ALL the males that BELONG outside, but stupid neighbors throw their cats out or let them roam. I am dealing with THREE litters right now and I am doing the best I can.

Kitten Number One:
7 weeks, weaned, eating drinking and playing. Orange Tabby.

Problem: Diarrhea, keeps getting poop stuck to his butt, swollen belly, keeps scooting his butt on the carpet or on his bedding, can't seem to hold his poop, butt looks swollen

Otherwise healthy. His 3 litter mates were already adopted out no problem.


Kitten Number Two:
2-3 weeks old, nursing, it and it's litter mates appear to be in fairly decent health. This is the litter that was in my cat hating neighbors yard if I said anything about that to you all. I finally got to get them out and take a look at them. There are 5 total; feral-ish.

Problem: Runt. Underdeveloped back legs, cramped and dangling. Can not support him. When I moved him out of my mean neighbors yard and put them into my nice neighbors yard, I wanted to see if he could walk, but they are not working and he drags them and lays on his belly to crawl.

Needs a wheelchair. Otherwise healthy.

This kitten was crammed into the same spot and it looks like he just never got the chance to move his hind legs. Is there a cure for this, or does he just need to get a wheelchair?

I'm NOT sending him to the shelter because of this problem. They might not have the resources to help him and he could get overlooked and end up sitting in a cage forever, or put down because they think he's suffering. I personally don't think he is, because he was crawling all over the place and nursing and his mommy was cleaning him.

What do I do to make sure he can get a wheelchair if this is incurable? Want to make sure poor crippled kitty can have a good life if he's not suffering.

*There is no inbreeding*

Thanks everyone. I'm waiting for the shelters around here to return my phone calls to see if they can help me out ^_^ Just need to ask here until then.
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