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Abbey the Stalker

Thanks Lucky,
I have been keeping Abbey on a leash and do stop her and praise her every time
she does stop. Strangely the cat stills loves Abbey, when she's in her crate at nighttime , Ginger goes up and rubs against the bars. She really misses our other dog ( who wasn't that affectionate with her), and I guess she's hoping that theres a chance she'll find true love this time . I guess I''ll have to keep the food away for now, just remember to take the cat dish off the table when company comes, eh? So you're basically saying I should just keep correcting her every time and hopefully it will sink into to her very thick but lovable head eventually?
I don't leave them alone together, Abbey goes into crate if I go out, but I just
don't the cat hurt either physically or emotionally. Plus I guess it comes down to
Abbey listening when I tell her to stop doing something right?
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