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Question Dog eating cat Food & stalking Cat

I am looking for some advice on our newly adopted shelter puppy - we
already had a cat that was used to dogs ( our other dog died last fall ) The puppy is of course eating the cat's food, and literally stalking her. The pup's name is Abbey - mixed Shep/Collie maybe . She won't leave the cat alone without biting and trying to "play" with her. I know she's only playing but I'm worried about her hurting the cat. The poor cat's food is now kept on the table, which is grossing me out, but if I leave it down on the floor, Abbey sucks it back. I tried keeping food and water in the basement for the cat, but the cat (Ginger, also a stray rescue) can't make it to the basement without the stalker after her .

Any advice on getting Abbey to leave Ginger and her food alone. Abbey is about 6 months old, we've had her about 1 month. Ginger is about 7 years old, we've had her about 5 years now. I don't want Ginger to pack her bags and run away
thinking she's been invaded
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