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Very Urgent- Blood in Urine

Hello all,
Our 7 month female dog had a spay surgery 5 days ago. She stayed at the hospital overnight and we picked her up the next day.
Ever since we brought her home she pees blood and can't control herself - trying to pee every 20-30 yards when we're outside, peeing at home (she never did this since she was 2 weeks with us).
The vets prescribed baytril 50mg, twice a day. She's been on this AB for 4 days now. I have to admit that we see some improvement, but she stiil has a blood in the urine and completely out of control of her bladder...
She eats and drinks normally, has a normal stool, but we're really concerned about her.
I thought the AB would work faster than this, and we're really surprized to see blood in the urine after 4 days...
Maybe we should change the AB or continue for another week or so with baytril?
Another concern is maybe we're not treating the right thing and it has nothing to do with UTI...
The vet keeps telling us that he's not sure what it is. he's never seen things like this and there shouldn't be any complications like this with this surgery.
We're kind of frustrated with this, don't really know what to do. It should have been a fairly simple surgery, we didn't realize it would get so complicated...
Any advise is highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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