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Ive heard of these little wheel chairs that you put your animals back end in so they dont have to use their backlegs.

But im not sure that ive seen them for cats.. but ill check it out and see what i can come up with (note im not a vet)

Well i found a site, though it is quite pricey!

Im sure a dog one would work alright seeing it is measured by weight.

One thing that you might want to consider is that your cat is 12 years old... she might not be comfortable or be able to get used to having something attached to her and she may find it rather annoying.

If your vet hasnt suggested anything and hasnt put your cat on any medication for pain then im sure she is alright and the limp will probably go away on its on in a little while.

Maybe you should just keep her in the house for awhile and give her some extra care.

Hope i helped out a little!

Good luck
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