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"You're waitng for an appointment with a Holistic Vet?". she says incredously, thinking if this were my dog, (red eyes FLAG, not eating FLAG, lethargy, depressed FLAG, hind limbs dragging BIG FLAG, seizure of ay kind NON-STOP BIG %^&^&*^&%$#^%$!# FLAG"...)

Unless your holistic vet is really a Vet or has an agreement with your local specialists, they can't make referral.

Your dog is very ill and needs to see a Vet now. Not tomorrow or the day after. Neuro probs ~ maybe... my first concern, with an otherwise healthy dog who starts showing signs of letrhargy and ends in seizure is what toxic substance are they eating/exposed to.

This is a time for a full set of blood tests at a Vet.
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