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Love the flecking on that first rose, lindapalm, but really, I couldn't do without any of those 3, they'd have to be replaced if I lost them. Actually, I thought I did lose Fourth of July, my first one suffered die back from the minute I got it and got down to a bunch of leaves at ground level. So I told the company and they gave , no, they sold me a replacement very cheap, and so far the first one is still hanging in there. If it suddenly came to life I think I'd pay them the difference between the cheap price and the normal price for the second one , the rose is worth it.

Cabana is just a dream for anyone who likes something pink and pretty. Now another stripey I mightn't bother to replace is Abracadabra, it's colouring has more shock value maybe? Sometimes it will put out a solid brick red rose, or a yellow one.
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