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Originally Posted by Bailey_ View Post
The whole point to excercise this dog more is BECAUSE he is suddenly being crated. More mental stimulation and excercise will absolutley help. If we put a dog in a crate when they are used to having free roam, and do so when they have not been physically or mentally exhausted, being in the crate will be a MUCH more traumatic and frustrating experience for the dog.
If we're able to tire them out - even just satisfy that need to burn off energy - before putting them in their crate for the first few hours, most likely they'll feel much more relaxed, tired, and being in the crate will turn into a relaxing experience which should be the goal.
If a dog hasn't been crated for a few years, you can't just put him in one and leave for a few hours and expect him to accept it..It doesn't matter how much you exercise them..You honestly think it will make a difference cause I don't and I have seen it...If you have to re-crate train then you need to do it in baby steps as if it were a pup...And to be honest, there are different things you can do instead of crating..This is a dog that has had free run which means he is NOT destructive. So personally I don't think he should be crated..BUT that is just me.

ClaireDutt instead of putting up a baby gate, can you make a door? You can get a piece of wood(measure the doorway) screw in 2 hinges so you can open it and then put a clasp hook....This is something I did when I blocked off my kitchen and had 2 pups.
"A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than his owner can express with his tongue in hours."
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