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Question Sudden crate issues with 5yr old dog HELP

My 5 year old Lab/husky cross has lost his mind. He was successfully crate trained as a puppy and by about 1 year was totally trustworthy with the run of the house.

Me and my dog moved in with my boyfriend 9 months ago. No problems. about 5 months ago we bought new furniture and since my dog does go on the couch, he got put in the basement while we are both at work. He has 3 couches to choose from down there and we leave the TV on. Again, no problems. About 2 weeks ago he broke down the baby gate. after that I decided to put him in the crate during the day because it is not an option for him to have the run of the house (due to new furniture). the 2nd day in the crate he pushed the bottom out and moved the crate to the old couch in the basement and ate the slip cover and one of the cushions. Next day, same thing, but a bit worse. Yesterday i came home from work to find that he had bent the metal bars and the door in an attempt to get out (i think with his mouth).

He gets approx. an hour walk a day with about 3 bikes rides thrown in for variety. He sees and gets along with other dogs regularly as well as walk in the woods and country side.

what is going on with my dog ?? does anyone thing that the onset of the crate problems are just a "fit" because he is used to more freedom ?

Any tips would be appreciated !

Thanks, Claire
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