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I forgot to mention that her name is currently Lucy as that is the name her previous owners called her, but I know too many Lucy's.

I have looked at names on the net but there are sooo many, waiting a few weeks till we get to know her I suppose isn't too long, since a lot of people change the names of pets they get from shelters. I was also thinking River, Fern, Summer, Minnie(being short for Minnesota since that's where she came from), but again I know too many Minnie's. I like Paisley to.

Waiting to see her is sooooooo hard. Our yard both front and back including the driveway is full of dog poo as the previous owners of our house never ever picked up after thier dogs so I really don't want to bring her home to that either, being spring is a great time for things like parvo to creep up. Frankly our property is a hazardous waste area, and the only way we can tell our snow is melting is by the new poop piles that show up....I am really grossed out and can't understand why you would let your property get like that. Inside our house was spotless and you wouldn't know they had dogs, although we are still finding dog hair.
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