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Congratulations! These things sometimes don't go as we planned huh? I like to think it's destiny at work. OMG, she's adorable!

As for a name, I'd make a list of all the names you like. Maybe go online to some name sites. Then wait until you have her with you. I think her personality will be a great help in helping you choose the perfect name for her.

For myself, I went with giving all of mine Russian names. When I got Vlad, I loved that name and always had. I thought if I ever had a child I'd name him Vlad. So, when I got another cat, I decided to pick something for her that would be similar in origin to his name, and the rest is history.

Maybe since your current furries have sort of nature like names, Forest and Stixx, you can go with a nature theme. If hubby doesn't like flower maybe choose a particular flower instead, like Rose, Tulip, Orchid, something like that.
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