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The original poster, katy82, adopted an American Eskimo - unfortunately she no longer posts - I also have an American Eskimo and it was nice to have someone with the same breed. When we adopted our guy we still had our 22 lb. cat who loved me, but had been trying to kill me from the day we rescued him. Our Eskimo weighed 11 lbs. when adopted but they got along very well -at first cat chased him, but as Eskie grew to 22 lbs. they were even - and played - until the Eskie took exception to the cat knocking me down the stairs, tripping me so that I ended up face down in kitty litter, jumping on my head from dryer - that type of thing - good thing the cat really loved me! At that point the Eskie started to stand between us - but did not harm the cat. The cat died last Dec. at age 16 and we won't be getting another cat. Many people on Eskie board have cats that get along with their dogs - and others have cats that were there first and want to pack the the Eskies' suitcases and move on - so it is a crap shoot. Prior to our Eskie we had an Alpha mini Dachshund - 10 lbs. and he took care of the 22 lb. cat - benevolent - but the cat was a lot more careful in how he treated me. Actually we have had 5mini Dachshunds and a Beagle and all lived peacefully with our cats - so I just think luck of the draw. BUT I WOULD NOT GET A SMALL DOG with a big cat with a prey drive. All of our Dachshunds were fully grown when rescued -there is not a chance I would have brought home say a 5 lb. puppy with a cat with a huge prey drive - mini baby Dachshunds look like mice.
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