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Originally Posted by krdahmer View Post
No no mumx3 I am the one just starting to make food for her cat... I believe you were the one that suggested the bonemeal to me. (thanks by the way)

So far we've got hard boiled eggs, boneless skinless chicken breast, salmon oil and taurine. Bonemeal was the next ingredient I was hoping to add.
a little.. side topic?? i know you werent askign for advice on diet but places to get bone meal but you can get chicken heart and gizzards enough to feed a cat for a week for under $2 and you will get their supply of taurine.

are you feeding liver?

also how do you get your cats to eat stinkin hard boiled eggs. *sigh* mine wont touch them.

one way i found to get my cats to eat the bone was to take a whole chicken and a sledge hammer, a trash bag and a cloth bag and just pound the snot out of it. once the bones are broken up a little smaller they just crunch right through them but still work their teeth and gums with the larger pieces of meat.

i have found that if i pound a chicken when i get mad, i soon have enough to last a few weeks. anger management at its best!!!
*coughs* ok so bone meal might be a good idea.....

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