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Squirrel in My Attic

I have a squirrel in my attic. I did some online searching to find a humane way of getting rid of it. I did find this product and I did spray it around some. The squirrel didn't come around after I sprayed the house. And OMG does this stuff stink.

But lots of times I forgot to spray it around. I need to repair the hole where they are going in. But with my health issues it isn't easy for me to climb a ladder anymore. And my so called family are useless for helping me with anything.

I have to get my roof re-shingled soon and I am hoping that scares them out of there then maybe I can get a neighbour to help me out. I bought some silver face plates to use on electrical boxes to screw into place after I spray paint them white to match the colour of the soffit. And no way they can chew that to get back in. They chewed the hole right beside the stack.
Here is a pic of the hole.
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