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You Know it really is amazing how many sadistic as*h***s there are in the human race a couple of years ago just before xmas a border collie showed up in our neighbourhood she was going up to peoples doors she looked well kepted and she was well trained but all the neighbours done was say who the hell does that dog belong too and chase her away well i went out with my dog and brought her inside the house my dog was delighted to have another dog to play with The cats where not so happy LOL!!! Anyhow two days later i had her back with her owner her name is Kelly as i found out when i talked to him on the phone. Now it is me that is looking for my Male cat Tiger he disapeared at the being of september this year and those thoughts go through my head maybe he fell prey to a coyte or racoon or maybe some moron did something to him you can't blame the wildlife but anybody who is that cruel to any animal deserves nothing less than a shotgun and a shovel as far as i am concerned .Hope you find your Tomcat all the best
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