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Originally Posted by Ford Girl View Post
I disagree with this, this is not enough exercise for a sporting dog, especially if its leashed. And especially with behavioral problem or those dogs who are hyper, young dogs need more then 1.5 hours a day of leashed walking. They need at least that daily, and then every other day they need to really burn the edge off, drain the batteries - off leash parks, play dates, socialization, agility, etc...Throw in some mental stimulation as in training and comands and you get a balanced dog.

There are high energy dogs...and then there are HIGH ENERGY dogs... They are also "bred" for certain reasons, tap in to what they are meant to do and you will find she is more balanced.

Just my experience with a high energy dominant dog. The more we work her, the less issues we have. She doesn't bark at the mail mail of she's taking a nap.

I agree! My dog walker takes Petey out running for a few hours a few times a week on top of his daily walks, he goes running for a good 12 miles plus at the dog park on the weekends and I LOVE this latest thing I just got where he runs alongside a bike.
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