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How awful, I feel for you. Who did this to you? I had something similiar happen to me when I was younger. I had a kitten who I loved to death and when I came home from school one day I went to find her and play with her a bit. My mom told me she had to give her to a family that needed a cat really bad because a little girl that was smaller than me just lost her kitty and was really really sad, I was really hurt and begged and pleaded for my mom to go and pick her but she kept saying no. Later, I thought that maybe the little girl would give her a good home and I decided to try to get over losing her. However, I found out about 3 months ago that that wasnt the case at all. A couple cousin of mine had come over to visit and was telling my moms dog to "get" the cat, my mom wasnt in the room when this happened. They got the dog, which was a big boxer, barking and going after the cat. The cat ran out of the doogie door, the dog right behind, she tried to make it up a tree but the dog had her by her legs and pulled her down and tore her apart, killing her. I was so outraged. I couldnt believe it! ... So I feel for you, I really do... Why did they put the cat in the box? I know it must be terrible to not know if he is ok or to not know what happened. Once again, Im sorry that they did such a thing, just when you think people cant get any worse....
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