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Originally Posted by Koteburo View Post
I'm sensing OP is getting a bit annoyed by our concerns. I'm sorry. I really can see how you like cats and want to get one and maybe you think we whine too much however it doesn't seem like an ideal situation unless it was a life or death situation.
I think Lindapalm's idea is AWESOME. If you go to a shelter you get to spend time with cats, play with them, pet them, hold them they need it and you seem to be willing to give some wove. Maybe you could consider that instead.

P.S. Never leave a cat on a leash unsupervised it's reaaaally not a good idea. They can hang themselves, get entangled, all sort of stuff.
And it could become a meal for some wild animal. A coyote can right to my dog when I had him on his leash and I was standing right next to Marty. Will this a forum for people that love animals and their pets so I think it's strange anyone would get annoyed about us being very concerned about the cat safety and well begin. The OP did ask us what we thought of their idea and it's very clear we'll think it's not a good idea. I agree also that Lindapalm idea is great . It's a win win situation for the shelter cats and OP.
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