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I was just searching the internet to find out where in Canada I could buy this food other than at my vet's as it is very expensive, and I find all this info about it being not a great food. My vet suggested it as my dog went from 107 lbs to 115 lbs and recently has been very fussy eating anything. She told me to try this and he does like it, I should also tell you that he has had cruciate ligament surgery 2 years ago(he is 5yrs old, a yellow lab hound cross) and is on Cartrophen injections for life. I am very disappointed that my vet would suggest a food with chicken by products and high calorie as described in above messages. I am looking for a healthy dry food for him that is tasty and will help him lose this weight, please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated; I am glad to be a member here
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