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I will provide you with a list of great rescues. They do home visits so I am sure many will come to you. Keep in mind, that not all rescues will adopt very willingly. You really must meet certain requirements which I am certain that you do.

Just a note: I am now 45 years old, healthy and active (kind of). I have always adopted dog that are 3+ years as a minimum requirement and also had and still have great consideration on the breed that I will 'permit' myself to have based on my activity level and lifestyle. I do this because I need to make sure that I do not have a dog that requires tons of exercise and is also easy to handle only based again on what I can and cannot offer a fur companion.

Excuse me for being terribly ignorant perhaps, but based on your medical profile please consider taking on an older pet. They are just as rewarding as any other.
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