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Good ideas, thanks! I used to have black skirt tetras, their faces remind me of little piranhas. I used to have a few tanks going with different fish...So I guess I could also just try harder to work from my memory, too

I had crayfish once, they were super cool. I had them in the same tank which went well, until the red one shed and the blue one ate most of his legs off. I ran out and bought a tank divider thinking it was all good, until about an hour later; I checked on them and the blue one climbed over the divider and ate into the red one's head. Poor guy. The blue one was then dubbed "Clawnibal Lector". A while later, After changing his tank to one with a lid, he managed to escape and disappear. I looked everywhere to see where he got to, but never found his body or anything.

I love watching crustaceans, but I wouldn't get anything like a crayfish because of the pleco. I had ghost shrimp once, those were super neat.

Anyway. haha. I will let you know how it goes and take some pictures of the setup once it is completed.

Thanks for all your help!!
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