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Well java moss and java fern don't need to be rooted in the substrate, so you might wanna look into them. Your anubias doesn't need substrate either and you can dose plant fert in the water column rather than adding fluorite to the bottom again. Kent marine sells it in bottles. Fluorite would be pretty messy to add to an already established tank.

As for your coralife bulb, it probably has saltwater (50/50 or 10,000k) lights in it. You can actually grow plants with the incorrect spectrum but then it takes a lot more light than you'd need otherwise. If you want to replace the bulb plants do well with 5,000-6000k. You can experiment somewhere around that range with what makes the fish look best and still gives the plants near the correct spectrum of light. If it's a compact fluorescent fixture though, the bulbs will be pretty expensive.

As far as a tall grassy sword type plant, you're probably talking about jungle val. They'll get really thick and grow like weeds, though they do prefer higher light levels to grow quickly.
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