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Smile Hi I am Marina from TN USA

There are so many stray cats here where I live and many of them are wild. I want to catch them so thy can get a home, etc. but they won't go into the trap. Does anyone have suggestions?
I don't want to call animal control because they destroy cats. We have a Cats R US here. I have been there once and the ladies there complain because they have little funds and no help. Also the place needs serious odor control. I wonder what anyone can suggest or do in this situation.

I have 2 cats at this time. Kitty Garfield is a spayed female and she is 1 year 5 months. Then we have a kitten and he is about 5 months. What do people think about having male cats neutered? Is it really true that they become sweeter. He is already so sweet and I wonder if he loses his sweetness then. The spayed female is more distant emotionally than the kitten who has not been neutered yet. His name is Kitty Baby. I will put up photos later.

If anyone has suggestions please feel free.
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