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Lots of Dog books ( mostly aggression )

Over the past little while I have composed a fairly decent sized list of books about dog, a lot with aggression, as that really interests me and some other ones that I thought sounded interesting on clicker training and behavior. I am just wondering if anyone has read any of these books and what you thought of them.

When pigs fly –Training Success with Impossible Dogs - Jane Kilion I plan on buying this one when I head home from school for the weekend after reading about pattymac's post

Citizen Canine - Mary Burch

Do Over Dog – Pat miller

Serious fun – play like a dog – Sue Sternberg

See spot run – 100 ways to work out with your dog – Kirsten Cole-MacMurray and Sephanie Nishimoto

FIGHT! – A Practical Guide to the Treatment of Dog-Dog aggression - Jean Donaldson

MINE! – A Practical Guide to Resource Guarding Dogs – Jean Donaldson

SCAREDY DOG! – Understanding and Rehabilitating your Reactive Dog, Revised edition – Ali Brown

Focus Not Fear –Training Insights from a Reactive Dog Class – Ali Brown
Organic socialization DVD –BAT for aggression and fear in dogs – Grisha Stewart

The Dog Aggression Workbook, 3RD edition - James O’heare

Out and about with your dog – Dog to Dog Interactions on the Street, On the Trails, and in the Dog Park - Sue Sternberg

How to Right a Dog Gone Wrong – A Roadmap for Rehabilitating Aggressive Dogs - Pamela Dennison

On Talking Terms with Dogs – Calming Signals, 2ND Edition – Turid Regaas

Chill out Fido! – How to Calm your Dog - Nan Arthur

Click to Calm – Healing the Aggressive Dog – Emma Parsons

Cautious Canine – How to Help Dogs Conquer Their Fears, 2ND Edition– Patricia McConnell

any thoughts on these would be great.
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