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thank you

Moses is 20 lbs approx. Vet mentioned under weight, I started the six cups yesterday only in evening and then today is when the diarrea started. I fed him first 2 cups he remained hungry so I gave him more. His father is an A.K.A Belgian Malinois mother Black Labrador but Moses is the mirror image of his father and has all traits of this breed. The question outstanding is why the nessicity for the thirst of water he is going on 5 months this month. I am going to remain to only two cups per feeding. The pet store owner gave me a product to break down enzymes but that only increased his issue. I give him probiotics one per day 1 billion. The pet store owner mentioned that why do I believe that shepherds are so skinny because they are incapable of digesting the protien in their system. I only switched from blue buffalo and this other holistic brand both containing Flax which started the entire problem both brands have combinations of fruit and veggies. I returned him to his second brand after I noticed that blue buffalo had been causing the diarrea now he is on Orijen. I probably sound stupid but here goes should I feed him two cups per meal or only one as mentioned Vet comment to thin and he had been treated for worms already and I noticed some small little fat ones in his poop one day and vet gave me this formula and poor little Moses pooed till the cows came home I stopped once I noticed that, comment from vet he has given that to thousands of dogs and it never happened before. He has no worms and is otherwise healthy and happy. I have to keep him away from anything that has flax in it. Now the water drinking is probably because of the diarrea that he is having to much fluid loss. Please assist me in feeding portions thank you
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