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Heidiho, did you get kisses from the Pit Bull?? Let me tell you, it's a kiss you'll never forget!! LOL Just be sure to take a deep breath before the kiss begins, you'll start gasping for air!!!! LOL

That's great you got to meet a Pit Bull! So many people just don't understand their personalities. It's those people that think us Pit Bull owners are all full of crap when we boast and brag about our dogs being soo friendly. They wonder why we do all we can to fight BSL to save our dogs and other breeds when these dogs are "inherently dangerous."

Hey, this is how I got hooked on the breed. An ex boyfriend had one and I fell in love with his dog! Most people say, I stayed in the relationship for the dog --which is mostly true! Jesse(dog) was the sweetest, most loving dog. I will never ever forget about him. I have a pic of him in my living room - he was like my own. And well, now I have 2 of them!!!! :love: It will be a sad day when my two pass on - knowing I can never own another.......unless I move out of the province!
Never mind the dogs, beware of the owner!!!
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