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Originally Posted by tan28 View Post
They did the blood tests and urine analysis...her Creatinine was 4.7 and her BUN 76.
Do you have a copy of the lab results? Any other values out of range? And what was her urine specific gravity?

Originally Posted by tan28 View Post
Part of me thinks it's due to the UTI meds I am giving to her, which she hates.
Does she have a urinary tract infection? What are the meds?

Originally Posted by tan28 View Post
Should I take her back to the ER vets tonight to see if she needs fluids??
When you pull up the skin on the scruff of her neck, does it snap back down pretty quickly or take a while? Do her gums feel tacky/sticky or smooth and slippery? These aren't precise methods to determine level of dehydration, but can provide some clues nonetheless.
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