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I will reply more later - I have to go and pick up my AMERICAN ESKIMO! - from his weekly socialization, where I might point out he is a totally different dog - adjusts to the environment and is Mr. Congeniality! How long have you had your Eskie; are his bites "real" or in fact are they as a result of the Eskie' jaws and teeth (and claws) of death touching your skin because he can't help it. My guy weighs 22 lb.s - turned 5 yesterday - but his teeth - especially the canines are huge and when he passes out, they hang out. Due to shape of face, Eskies don't really have lips and I always tell people when offering him a cookie to bend down so that he doesn't have to jump. Do you give your dog "real" or "smoked" bones - my guy turned into Cujo when I did this - but as soon as I managed to get said bone away from him - took 3 attempts -throwing myself on the floor to do so - it was over and he was sitting there wondering what was up. When I gave him the bone I could see a change in his eyes - and he isn't the only Eskie - I lurk on the Eskie specific board ( might not hurt to do a little search there because I can tell you all Eskies share many of the same attributes - to varying degrees. Eating own poop - YEP! Destroying anything with stuffing - yep (like to chew leashes too - not to forget anything like tissue, toilet paper - oh, heck -the world in general). Eskies do not generally mature until about age 3 - I am still sort of waiting for it to happen. I would not yell at an Eskie - they have a built-in sense of what they feel is appropriate - and a stern voice is better. Eskies are very smart and very hard to train and they are also very good with their hand-like paws. We had a few classes with a behaviourist - he was super student with her - not nearly as good with me - then there is my husband - useless, because he won't follow the same rules as me. My guy has a small bladder - and Eskies are prone to stones so you need to watch out for that. They also do well on a fish based diet - my guy eats Fromm's Salmon a la Veg - and gets bottled water - no yellow in his eyes after I started that. They are very protective of what is theirs and will warn you off usually with a low growl if they don't want to be disturbed - better a low growl then a bite. Definitely dog should be neutered - my very hot looking boy toy was done at 7 months - he has a very sexy tail and is being taken advantage of as I type by a multidude of big dogs at socialization. He only humps on Thursdays - I wonder why! But many, many of the Eskies hump and have their own humping pillows. My guy is terrified of crates thanks to BYB - so he doesn't go in one. They are very sensitive to their own needs - "Ouch" doesn't work as you probably know. They are also afraid of what will happen to them if something happens to you. Before this guy I had Alpha Mini Dachshunds - difference with them was that they would alert and protect me - my Eskie will alert me to protect him. On walks he is a barking fool - most are. I guess I have typed more than I planned but then I type 120 wpm so it wasn't hard. I hope you continue to post because my Eskie and I seem pretty much alone on - but I strongly urge you to have a look at the Eskie site - you can search all you want without signing up - this is how I found his food, and that the bottled water would help with his eyes (had yellowing for one week only at 7 months) plus was able to see the traits common to the Eskie. The Keeshond, also a Spitz is more mild-mannered - and has very pretty colouring - in short - not a white dog who loves the mud. His assistant groomer has an 11 month old Pap - my Eskie is his mentor. I love it! Basically they love their own people, and a few select others. They do not do well in a kennel type of environment - we found a young lady who home boards him when we go away - we didn't go away together for 30 years with our Dachshunds, but this works out great and he sleeps in her bed - and is having a thing with her Husky. Just a matter of finding the right people. As soon as he goes behind the gate at socialization he accepts his fate with the big dogs - but he will tell them to buzz off when on other side of gate when I pick him up. Actually he humped the main humper who was shocked. Believe me, I know how frustrating an Eskie can be - and I will never have 2 of them. Some people do but I wouldn't.
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