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Actually it wasn't just intended for Amaruq. Oh do you mean the medication part? Well honestly " getting on her last nerve " PLEASE!!
As for the rest doesn't it make you kind of sit back and go what the hell is she thinking? Thats exactly how most of you sound when someone comes on here and disagrees with you. I'm not hostile just towards Amaruq there are a few more that need to give their head a shake. Do you realize how many people you guys have alienated from here? And what gives you that right?
Who exactly are you and why are your ideas right?
In the beginning I had fun here and then I got caught up on this judgemental ****, until Thank God I realized what I sounded like. There are a few on here I wouldn't give the time of day to in real life because of their attitude problems and there are a few on here who I think are absolutely terrific!!
Read some posts with an open mind and maybe you won't be so dumbfounded anymore and really cut out the posse crap its really really childish!!