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Neurological Disorder in dogs

My 3 year old toy poodle has been tentatively diagnosed with GME. A type of encephalitis that has no known cause. The only way to diagnose is to have very costly neurological exams ($2500) such as spinal tap etc. Her symptoms; disorientation, fearful of touch, has some difficulty picking up solid food, does well lapping liquids. I now make all her food, vitamins, etc. in a blender. I take her for her walk & she seems disoriented & doesn't want to walk. Before this she was lovable, went to basic obedience school, loved riding in the car, loved her walks & was just a wonderful loving companion. Can anyone share with me any similar challenges or other types of neurological conditions their pet may have encountered. I'm still not sure this tentative diagnosis is what we're dealing with. She is taking prednisone to reduce inflammation. Thanks for any input.
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