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I agree with you! I try to get to her stop, and eventually she will, but she thinks its so funny to have the dogs running after her. I guess she thinks shes playing. He is pretty good for the most part though, but it is so unpredictable!
He is aggressive with the cats too. I'm just confused.

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i'm kinda concerned about a breeder who's sollution is to rehome or destroy an animal for being an animal. The dogs are going to snarl and grumble and stuff, the bernese is trying to remain the dominant and the pyr wants that roll, you need to get him into obedience so he realizes you're the dominant. Tell your child to stop teasing the dog by running around with food in her hands. He is still a puppy no matter how large and puppies nip, teasing him is definately going to provoke it. Good luck and keep us posted.
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