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Originally Posted by jesse's mommy View Post
But Dinky, the whole point of this is that it can happen to ANY dog, not just pitbulls. You keep singling pitties out and that's what is wrong with your posts. It can happen to any dog, not just pitties. The media portrays that it is just pitbulls and uneducated people pick up on that and just agree with it without any concrete proof.
i have not been singling out pit bulls, i've only stated my previous experiences with 2 particular pits (noticably noting, noone commented on the good story). you cant justify one dogs actions (whatever breed it may be) by stating that it could happen to any other breed. and then in that same breath think nothing should be done about it. which is why i stated earlier my opinion on state regulating all breeds, not just pits. i'm sorry but i really dont think your comment towards me was necessary.
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