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Originally Posted by Prin View Post
If the dog is an aggressive dog naturally, then yes, maybe the offspring will be too
thats what i was trying to say. dogs can easily become aggressive by years of abuse. then you breed the aggressive dog and you have a chance of getting an aggressive puppy. and this may not be the case where everyone else is from. but where i live in south texas, it is sad the way pits are treated. there are so many in our rescue shelters down here. and most of them are there because they were taken away from 'bad owners'. but they've just been abused and bred over and over again so many times that most of the dogs can't be around cats, other dogs, or children; which doesnt make them an ideal dog for adoption (in south texas). i'm not saying all pits are bad, i used to own a great pit (Ceaser), i'm just saying after the experience i had with Porsha, i understand both sides of the pit bull controversy.
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